Capital of the Dead

Vana'diel date: 886/6/20
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:57

The Eldieme Necropolis, once more widely known as the Coveffe Barrows. As a once-sacred resting place of the dead, more recently haunted by restless souls of the fallen in the Great War, I was naturally hesitant to enter the place, even for the brief time required to burn the incense given by the pilgrim friar in Windurst. Nevertheless, in we went. I am still glad we were not required to go in further, there is something about knowing that the place used to be a peaceful place for my ancestors to end their journey on Vana'diel, and comparing that image to the present-day situation that makes me extremely reluctant to even approach the place.
The burning incense meant to ease the spirits of the dead looked pitiful burning in the depths of the darkness of the necropolis, and I must admit that the scent was not too pleasant. Once we reported this to the friar however, he merely stated he would continue his studies on the matter and gave us a reference letter for friar Eperdud in the Cathedral. This was most unexpected, and we had already made plans to head to Kazham and its jungles after this, going so far as to bond with the home crystal in Lower Jeuno to facilitate our swift return, our intention to take the first airship to Elshimo Island after reporting on this matter. Thankfully, it appears that the letter is not urgent and can be turned in after our journey to the jungles of Elshimo.

Thankful for this small gesture of understanding, we headed to Jeuno where we were momentarily held up by a somewhat alluring offer. It appears that there is a rather similar offer to the Kazham airship pass one, but this to earn a ferry pass authorizing passage to Aht Urhgan, the nation on the eastern continent of Aradjiah. It was most interesting, and we discussed obtaining the items required for this pass with Kii Kalira, but decided we have neither time nor interest to head to the Near East for the moment. I wonder how long this offer stands.

We are now headed towards Kazham as planned, and will reach the city by nightfall. This time, we intend to see what the jungles have to offer for us.

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