Cavernous Maws

Vana'diel date: 886/5/20
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:53

I will never wonder about the mysteries of the world again. That is my most prominent feeling right at the moment. I have experienced something so wondrous, so out of the realm of normal possibilities, that my mind can barely comprehend it.
As we left San d'Oria after Kii Kalira's birthday, intent on embarrassing ourselves further in front of the Troupe Brilioth leader, we took an alternate route that took us through less-trodden parts of Rolanberry Fields. With nary a malm left of the journey to Jeuno ahead of us, we came upon a monstrous apparition, jutting out of the ground like it had always been there. It almost appears to be some kind of a living being with a gaping jaw, if it would not be for the fact that it was covered in plants growing around it, and obviously did not move. I do not recall ever seeing or hearing about the like of it before, but on our eventual reaching of Jeuno I asked around and discovered that many people seem to have heard of them lately. It is strange though, none of the people I've talked to can recall when exactly they appeared, some going so far as to claim that they have always existed, while some would swear upon their lives that they are a recent phenomenon.
But I get ahead of myself. On finding such a strange apparition we were naturally curious and approached it. Imagine our surprise when this maw - as they widely call it - shook, and its gaping mouth shone ominously. It ended up drawing us in by some mysterious power.

I still cannot describe the experience well. What follows is quite possibly the strangest part of this. We ended up in this most unimaginable place with red and purple skies, with something resembling the shining maw - only infinitely bigger - pulsating in the sky. But hardly had we managed to realize where we were, there was a flash of light that ended up pushing us over the edge of the floating island.
Next thing I knew, we were back in Rolanberry. But this was not the same Rolanberry we left from. There were knights on chocobo-back, talking about 'the war', armies, and of Jeuno having restricted access only. They left soon, leaving us to wonder where this place so resembling our familiar Rolanberry was. It did not take us long to notice both of us had a mysteriously glowing feather with us. I think this last bit might have been too much for Kii Kalira. I could tell she was scared, and I have to admit I wasn't feeling too calm myself. A sudden change of scenery like that, talk of a war, a familiar yet strange Rolanberry…
When we turned our attention hesitantly back to the maw behind us, the feathers we carried reacted to it. We ended up being sucked in again, and this time when we came to, what faced us was the Rolanberry we know. The maw was still and lifeless like it had been before this ordeal. Thoroughly shaken, we headed back to Jeuno, where we are currently.
I…I must think of this. The war they referred to, the style of the armor they wore, the base of the Windurstian army they referred to, restricted access to Jeuno…could it have been..? We still have the feathers. I really must think further on this.

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