City by the Savannah

Vana'diel date: 885/9/23
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:25

I am in Windurst now. Even at this time of the year, the city manages to surprise with its lush surroundings - so different from San d'Oria - and its people small in stature, but with warm hearts. Talk to any of the Tarutaru around, you'll feel welcomed. Some of the Mithra might be another matter. One Mithra in particular confounds me. I…haven't really talked to her much since my arrival. Maybe she forgives me, maybe she does not. I must confess, I feel like I could never figure her out.

The Harvest Festival is approaching. When I am not outside the city practicing my skills, I am among the merchants, admiring their wares. The cooking guild in Windurst seems particularly enthusiastic about the upcoming feast, and delivers one heavenly sweet after another to the merchants. I am looking forward to spending the Harvest Festival here, I am certain I'll stay in the area at least for that long.

Lately, I've been hearing rumors among the city folk, about some strange monster or other. Maybe it is merely the upcoming festival, but it would certainly turn out to be very interesting if true.

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