Deep in Ordelle's Caves

Vana'diel date: 886/2/20
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:45

It has been quite some time since the old man Balasiel gave me the task of retrieving stalactite dew from Ordelle. When Kii Kalira received the exact same request from him on the day before Valentione's, my interest was peaked. I had looked into the matter previously and discovered that there are several restrictions on obtaining the dew, but had not discovered how to in fact do so, the matter had slipped my mind. However, with additional incentive I now managed to track down a person who knew how to do this feat. Such a simple matter, yet confounding to one who does not know to do so.

Armed with this information, we headed out to La Theine Plateau, beneath which Ordelle's Caves lie. I have briefly visited the caves before, while participating in a San d'Orian rescue mission drill, although I do not think I wrote about it. I had more important matters to think about at the moment. Nevertheless, I did not venture too far in that time. Now our task brought us deep into the belly of the caves, and it was more beautiful than I ever imagined. The stone in the caves is light in color and smooth to touch, and the water is unexpectedly clear. Due to the many bats in the caves we had to keep casting Sneak and Invisible so as not to gain the attention of too many for us to handle. As such, the journey down was largely uneventful, and left us with plenty of time to admire the natural beauty of the place.
Having reached the particular cave we were aiming at, we were dazzled by the sight before us. The water in the cave, for some reason I could not fathom, sparkled with light. It also seemed to be the habitat of a kind of crab, although they left us alone on our task. And well so, for that was the place where stalactite dew could be gathered safely. We took some and headed back out. I hope we will return some time. It is truly a miracle to behold.

Upon our return to San d'Oria and Balasiel, I was surprised to be awarded the rank of a squire. Who knew this frail-looking old man was actually a high-ranking official in the San d'Orian army? I do not think Kii Kalira liked this surprise too much. She kept snapping at me the whole day. It was strangely endearing.

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