Echoes of the Past

Vana'diel date: 885/5/7
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:17

I am now of the firm opinion that early-morning walks are good for you. The banks of the River Cheval were beautiful indeed in the mist of the morning, with the sun rising just out of sight. I filled my waterskin, and headed back to the city. Delivering the holy water to the Cathedral was a purifying experience, although I do wish Father Arnau didn't advance the church's goals quite so much while performing a sermon.

Later in the day, I made my way to King Ranperre's Tomb to investigate the rumors of graverobbers. Having reached the grave of His Late Majesty, I was surprised to hear a voice that sounded quite familiar. Imagine that, it was the adventurer from before who didn't know of our late Queen's passing. He had come to pay his respects to the grand king, although it made me wary when he started speaking of a sword. Perhaps a family heirloom of his..? I thought it in good taste to reveal myself at that point, so as not to hear anything too private. This time, the adventurer, Rochefogne, was accompanied by another person. This one wasn't quite so courteous as Rochefogne himself, and rudely told me that there cannot be anything else to the rumors than bats making disturbances.

I will report to the gate guards in the morrow.

Lately, I have been thinking… San d'Oria doesn't really satisfy me anymore. But where could I go? After long thought, I have decided to pay a visit to Windurst. Perhaps Kii Kalira will show me around the city. I have written her a letter, I hope my visit will not inconvenience her.

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