Eggs of Moogle Madness

Vana'diel date: 886/4/16
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:50

This year started so slowly, yet already this much time has passed, and there has hardly been a time to rest properly since the end of February. It is almost May again, and this has prompted the moogles to arrange yet another of their events. I remember this particular one from last year, thankfully neither then nor now has something gone wrong. We decided to come to Bastok to celebrate this past year of adventuring, and see Endahren off on his way back to San d'Oria.
I feel like a bad friend, for not having mentioned him in such a long time in my journal. We have kept in contact via letters, although even this has been made somewhat difficult by me so rarely being somewhere where letters could reach me. Now that I have met him once again, I have this feeling that something is happening in his life that he hasn't been telling me. He seems to..avoid me somehow, even though on the surface he seems exactly like before. I am not certain how to approach this matter.

Before leaving Sand d'Oria when this moogle-sent event Egg-hunt Eggstravaganza was upon us, we headed to Mt Ghelsba to retrieve our second of the set of three keys required for a free Kazham pass. I still have my doubts about this scheme, although I suppose gaining intelligence of the most recent orc movements can never be a bad thing. We had to venture in quite deep to Fort Ghelsba - indeed, at one point we found ourselves at the very top of Mt Ghelsba, above the Forst even - but managed to retreive keys for the both of us. Unlike with the yagudo in Giddeus, I have no worries of the political kind to slay several of these beasts. Or for that matter, quadav.
That being the last required key, the Palborough one. The mine is full of these turtle-like beastmen, as we very well knew from previous experience on the mission we ended up slaying that nether-world dragon. Entering that place brought back unpleasant memories, and the mine is not too cheerful a place for even the brightest person. I have to admit to being somewhat glad to be done with that place.

Other than that, we have been enjoying the Eggstravaganza festivities here in Bastok. It involves trading eggs with letters on them to make sets that spell out various words, and the moogles give out prices to people who give them some certain words. It is a strangely exhilirating experience, and a great spirit-raiser after as gloomy a place as Palborough.

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