Jeuno, the Center of Commerce

Vana'diel date: 885/12/28
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:33

We have now reached Jeuno. After Starlight, I thought we needed a change of scenery. Since we for some incomprehensible reason had not visited the wondrous Jeuno with its sky-gardens yet, this was the obvious choice.

I am glad we came here. The city is big and clean and new, full of merchants of every flavor, and its sky-gardens truly breath-taking. Looking down from the gardens, it is simply incomprehensible that something so high is really a construct, not a natural monument. And to think that the city is inside this construct…! It makes your mind spin with its magnificence. Kii Kalira is enjoying it too. She seems to be over whatever was in her mind during the Starlight Celebration, thank Altana. If this hadn't worked I would have had no idea what else to do to help her.

It looks like travel is about to become easier for us, since we managed to obtain chocobo licenses by helping Brutus, the stablemaster of Jeuno chocobo stables. Chocobo renters seem to be everywhere these days, but for now it has been impossible for us to rent any as they require a license. It is exciting, thinking about all the places obtaining our licenses has opened for us!

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