Letter: To Celese Richille

Vana'diel date: 885/5/21
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:21

Dear Mother,

Greetings from Windurst. The region of Sarutabaruta is as ever - dry and hot, and the people of Windurst mostly friendly and helpful. I haven't ran into any major trouble in my travels.
How is the shop doing? It worries me to leave just You and Triene in charge of it, although I know Triene only wishes the best upon Richille's Wares. Do you have enough hands to keep the shop in operation comfortably? I know how you worried over the lack of contact from the Weavers' Guild in Windurst, but you should lay those worries to rest. I have visited them, and they are merely very busy with work. As in San d'Oria itself, Windurst also has many adventurers in need of supplies for their journeys.

I know how Triene likes to keep up with news from all over the world, so I will attach the latest issue of Tarutaru Times with this letter.

Your son,

Title Date
The Twins 886/7/5
Birds and Undead 886/7/4
Forest of Glowing Stones 886/6/29
Jungles of the Mithra-kind 886/6/25
Capital of the Dead 886/6/20
Physical Matters 886/6/14
Vicious Ghosts 886/6/5
A Pest Problem 886/5/30
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