Life and Everything in it

Vana'diel date: 885/11/23
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:29

The 23rd year of my life has started. I took out Kii Kalira to dinner on the day of my birth. It is the strangest thing, but she did not appear to realize why. Perhaps she forgot..? She also recently spent some time with a tarutaru friend of hers - I have met her before, but it appears I did not remember to mention it in my journal - and acquired the final item for the task Isacio gave us. She has grown much stronger. I am happy for her success, although I have a feeling I will be reprimanded for being late now.

There was a little misunderstanding on the day after my birthday. A concerned citizen thought the water in the sluice gates had been poisoned, and asked for my help. Having just recently met Novalmauge in Bostaunieux, he immediately came to mind as someone who could know a way to prevent this disaster from happening. I asked him and he acquiesced to make a poison neutralizer. But upon delivering it to the person, it had already been discovered that the scare was merely that - a scare.

My mind yearns for new adventure again. The areas we have frequented recently are always the same. I think we will leave for Jeuno soon. In the meantime, we took a look around Carpenter's Landing. Despite being so close to home, I had never been there before. The area is not the most pleasant of places, it suffers from nearly constant mist or rain. One must be careful about where to step in that place.

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