Out in the World

Vana'diel date: 885/4/12
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:15

An adventurer's life is not so different from what I'd expected…yet it is certainly a shock to finally be out here, even if it is still the same city I live in. Viewed from this side, it even looks alien to me. Sometimes, I am viewed with suspicion by the normal residents. How can that be…? Perhaps the madam had had a bad day. I should make a note to remember to greet the familiar faces I see, to preserve the friendly atmosphere that has always greeted me in San d'Oria.

Only a day after I'd moved into my new quarters in southern parts of the city, I was faced with something that made me glad I was finally following my dream. A lost boy, crying for his father at the Parade Ground…and the father, oblivious, enthralled with weapons at Helbort's Blades just off the Lion Square. The shop keeper, incensed at the older man, complained to me that he never bought anything, just looked. I should imagine that somewhat excusable behavior, for he was a knight. Nevertheless, what happened next I cannot condone. He was not worried in the least about his son, but instead incensed that he had dared to get lost, and make him embarrassed. He tried to 'compensate for my trouble' by giving me his son's fishing rod, despite the boy's protests. When he turned his back, I slipped it back at the boy. That man reminded me uncomfortably of my own father.
I have applied for a quest at the gates of San d'Oria. It occurred to me that perhaps the best way to get fighting experience is to help my nation. Despite my noble intentions, the guard didn't hold too good an opinion of me, and said that there wasn't much I could do. Nevertheless, he sent me out to kill orcs. I have faced them before, and know them to be tough opponents for me. I should prepare before setting out tomorrow.

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