Physical Matters

Vana'diel date: 886/6/14
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:56

Being able to attune your own energy to many different strong energy sources is a blessing of kinds. For this purpose, recently I and Kii Kalira have been practicing our skills in fighting differently from our usual ways. It started with Kii Kalira's fascination with the art of summoning finally overcoming her good sense after arriving in Windurst this time. I think I will be content in the knowledge it is possible for me to summon Carbuncle to aid me should I so wish, I have no intention of making use of such a skill. Indeed, I think I might rest easier knowing I had no such skill, for it is one forbidden long ago.
Yet I cannot judge her for being curious about it. I think she has a bond of kinds with Carbuncle that I do not have. I suppose that comes naturally with fighting with him by your side for longer periods of time.

While Kii Kalira was busy experimenting with the art of summoning, I took it upon myself to practice my physical fighting skills. I have known the very basics of hand to hand fighting for some time now, and since I now had the extra time on my hands I decided to try it out further. I think I've gained many skills in this relatively short time, and once Kii Kalira realized what I had been doing we ended up teaming up to see how the combination of a physical attacker would work with a mage aided by Carbuncle. It works surprisingly well, and we were able to take down opponents we could not have taken at this level of experience on our usual battle styles. I think our knowledge of battle and our adversaries made a difference in this.

I think we may be talked about in the Cathedral, and much more than I thought. After completing a task for friar Eperdur in Cathedral proper and arriving in Windurst, we heard word that a pilgrim friar had been asking if we had been in Windurst lately. Not wanting to keep a friar in waiting, we made haste to his reported location, and did indeed find him. He had a rather similar request for us, to place some spirit incense in a fire in Eldieme Necropolis.
We have never been to the Necropolis, and the stories I have heard of it are not too encouraging. Thankfully by his words we do not have to venture in too deep, so we agreed to burn this incense. It is for the purpose of calming the dead after all, and as such a good deed.

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