Political Matters

Vana'diel date: 886/3/18
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:48

Not unexpectedly, major events seem to be happening in the world, bit by bit. Rii Kalira received an official mission not too long after my latest journal entry. It was the follow the minister of Orastery, Ajido-Marujido. Apparently, this high-ranking Windurstian has been acting strangely recently, Rii Kalira had witnessed this before these recent events herself. I am not too clear on the details, but we managed to track down the minister to Castle Oztroja, the yagudo castle in Meriphataud Mountains. It was a formidable place indeed. Barging in head first would surely have resulted in our deaths, so we found ourselves sneaking in aided by the power of our magic. Rarely has there been a time when I have been this thankful for our ability to conceal our presence from others.
We wandered about the castle for some time before finding the minister. He wasn't in too good shape but had somehow managed to meet the yagudo leader Tzee Xicu shortly before. My mind still refuses to quite accept that I have been that close to the leader of these beastmen. At the castle it did not quite reveal its full impact, but after I had time to think about it…it is a fearsome place indeed, Castle Oztroja.

After the minister had left us, telling us he would head to Windurst but to please conceal that fact from the other high-ranking Windurstians - he must have had his reasons, although I do believe Rii Kalira to be more privy to them - we discovered that he had left behind his ring. I am not certain if it was such a wise thing to do, but as the child Kohlo-Lakolo, the leader of the group calling themselves the Star Onion Brigade, had been wanting a minister's ring to see what was concealed within the sealed house of Karaha-Baruha, the hero of the Great War… we found ourselves lending the item to him, it concealing the power to unlock the seal of the house within it. While it might not be the most ethical thing to do to break into the house like that, I have to confess to feeling curious as to what it might be hiding.
…what awaited us was not something I would have guessed. There was a Cardian within the house, and the mana orb from before reacted with it, making it activate again. This Cardian was called Joker, which somewhat differs from the usual naming convention for these dolls. I have to wonder if there is any significance behind it, but I might have to be content with just wondering as the Cardian appears to have lost his memory.

Something else unexpected happened right when we were leaving. The children of the Brigade had just left with the Cardian as the ruby - the very same ruby we found in the stomach of a leech on Qufim Island not too long ago - started..speaking to us. Although I have to confess to now knowing why Rii Kalira had the ruby with her, as our proximity to the House of the Hero was likely the cause for the ruby to activate, I suppose we should be thankful for her. Apparently, this ruby is no ordinary ruby. On top of the voice advising us to gather the seven colors minister Ajido-Marujido appeared before us again. It seems he had taken refuge in the house, and was disturbed by our leading the Brigade in. I'm not certain how he felt about this. Nevertheless, he told us the voice was telling us to gather the colors of the sky. I have several theories, but I think writing about this will have to wait. We will be leaving Windurst in the morrow.

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