Rubies and Beasts

Vana'diel date: 886/3/10
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:47

Recent happenings have made me wonder about the properties of blood after being digested by a leech. Maybe I'm letting my imagination run wild though, but it might be worth looking into later? After all, that is what this journal is for. To chronicle my experiences and to provide points of interest that may be followed on later. Although I suppose this particular point of interest would make no sense by itself, so let me start from the beginning.

We came across an old acquaintance recently. A hume called Dietmund, who had left a less than savory impression after mistreating his chocobo around the turn of the year. Nevertheless, his son was not at fault for his behavior, and it was his son that needed help. Specifically, a specific flower to cure his sickness, only found on the crescent-shaped Qufim Island. Having agreed to help this wayward chocobo handler, we set off to Qufim, and soon came upon a pack of leeches intent on our blood. We disposed of the pack with some difficulty, and found this particularly vibrant ruby in the remains of one of them. Which brings me to my original point. How would a ruby end up in the stomach of a leech, if not by a curious process of turning blood into precious stone? Kii Kalira has the stone in her procession. Hopefully she will let me check it thoroughly one day. As endearing as her fascination with anything shiny is…

Our quest to find the Night Flower almost ended up in catastrophic failure. We managed to find the flower, and with the help of Dietmund who had decided he couldn't wait around for us to come back - admirable decision, all in all - even managed to dig up as much as was needed, but no sooner was that done than we were accosted by a sea monster of some kind, and barely escaped with our lives. Even this much was only possible using our newly forged energy bonds with one of the Home Crystals in Jeuno. It does not bear thinking what would have happened without it, as that sea monster was incredibly strong compared to us.

We came across some kind of a special promotion for adventurers while admiring the port area of Jeuno recently. This promotion promises to endow a free airship pass for the Jeuno-Kazham route to any adventurer who brings them beastmen chest keys from the three well-known strongholds, Fort Ghelsba, Giddeus and Palborough Mines. I have my suspicions about the authenticity of this request - a free airship pass in exchange for some keys, even if it's just for one specific route? - but Kii Kalira appears excited about this possibility. We will likely search for the required keys soon. And I admit, the possibility to visit Kazham does intrigue me somewhat.

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