Ruby of the Seven Lights

Vana'diel date: 886/3/28
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:49

This world holds many secrets indeed. Some of them are secrets that could not hurt anyone, while others are dangerous, and can bring harm to many people. I do believe we have come across one of the latter secrets, that of the art of summoning. To think I would one day be capable of casting that forbidden magic, it chills me just thinking about it.
I suppose one should not be so curious if one were to avoid finding out these secrets. What is done is done though.

The ruby I mentioned before was a peculiar one indeed. It did not take us long to figure out the meaning behind the mysterious words referring to the colors of the sky. Right as we left Windurst for the sunny region of Sarutabaruta and were pondering on the mystery of this ruby as we went it shone brightly, confirming one fo the colors. Final confirmation came soon in the form of a dust storm - these colors of the sky were indeed different kinds of weather. Nevertheless, gathering them was no easy matter. I am especially referring to the matter of snowing.
It is spring already in most areas of the world, so finding snow proved problematic indeed. It wasn't until we decided to make it all the way to the Beaucedine Glacier that we managed to gather this color that was indeed the last one. Indigo completed the colors of the rainbow within the ruby, and one of the avatars graced us with his presence, telling us to hurry to a certain place in La Theine Plateau. I recall passing this place before, idly wondering what its meaning was. Even now, I wonder..were those stones erected in that location simply for the purpose of communicating with avatars?
When we reached the circle of stones the ruby called forth Carbuncle before us once again. And thus we now hold the power to call forth avatars, should we first have made a pact with one.
Carbuncle's departure displayed for us a magnificent rainbow. I have never seen one quite like it. It lasted for so long I was starting to think it would not disappear at all.

It seems to me that Kii Kalira is not very used to colder climates. Not only did she not prepare for the cold weather even though we discussed thoroughly where we would be going, she…started clinging to me the moment it started getting a bit chilly. It was most confusing. Even that isn't enough however. Upon reaching Beaucedine she somehow decided to attempt climbing a snow drift, this much I gathered from her words. As was to be expected, the snow did not hold her weight and she ended up falling in head-first. It gave me quite a fright before I managed to get her on her feet again.
I think I must speak with her about survival in snowy areas before we next head out to one. Thank Altana we did not have to go further in, with her like that.

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