Saving the Children

Vana'diel date: 885/6/12
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:23

It has been too long, with no word from her. Could something really have happened?
To take my mind away from the issue for a while, I approached the Royal Knight on duty at Westgate and asked for a mission. What he told me was quite surprising. Apparently not too long ago, orcs kidnapped some children. They have been getting quite active recently, despite the best efforts of our military. This makes me quite worried. Prince Trion was out with the Royal Knights, and this is out of the jurisdiction of the Temple Knights. What a terrible situation. I was sent to the Cathedral to inquire what Tedimout, one of the children reported missing, looks like.

Father Arnau was quite pleased that something was being done about it, but before too long I received quite a shock. Prince Pieuje and Papsque Shamonde entered, their intention to ask about just the same thing! Thus I ended up receiving a mission from the Prince himself. He seemed quite concerned over the matter, and informed me that they suspected the children had been taken to Ghelsba Outpost.

With a matter with this level of royal interest behind it, I wasted no time in setting out. Ghelsba Outpost is orc territory, and that was clear from the moment I started approaching the outpost. As my travels had not yet taken me north-west of the city, I didn't have a clear picture of how close their influence reaches. Why, their flags stand almost to the gates of the city itself! This, more than anything, convinced me that the Royal Knights need all the help they can get.

The Ghelsba area seemed barren. It is as if even the trees cannot survive where so many orcs dwell. Thankfully I did not need to wander in too deep, as when investigating a hut close to the entrance, I was interrupted by three orcs, one of whom identified himself as Fodderchief Vokdek. They naturally attacked me, but I was victorious, and freed the three prisoners.

I was intending to investigate another hut nearby when Prince Trion arrived with two Royal Knights. I was caught off-guard. Not do I meet only one, but both the princes in a single day…this quite amazes me. He apologized to me for Pieuje, who he said should have come himself. Maybe he was just being courteous, but that could also be a sign that the rumors are true and the princes do not get along well… Nevertheless, we entered the hut and discovered Tedimout, the missing friar in training from the Cathedral. I was quite relieved, that made all the missing people I knew about. Prince Trion thanked me and went on his way to the city. As the presence of royalty was making me (admittedly) somewhat nervous, I was thankful for that.

Even though night was already arriving, I took it upon myself to dispose of orcs and dangerous monsters on the way back to the city. Altana must have smiled upon me today, for I encountered a wolf and obtained revival tree root for the old man. I must give it to him in the morrow, after visiting the Cathedral and the gate house it was already too late to do that.

It has been an eventful day, and it almost made me forget I still haven't heard from her. No word. At least the children are safe.

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