Vana'diel date: 885/6/19
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:23

She was…in Bastok. How did she manage to end up in Bastok? She says she has no idea, but…

I received a quite bewildering letter from Endahren not too long ago. It started out normally, but ended up sounding a little too amused. He notified me that Kii Kalira had arrived at his doorstep, and that I should come get her. It was…a relief. To know that she was alright.
I made my way to Bastok as soon as I could. She notified me that she had been sick - so that is why I did not see her in San d'Oria - and that she did not know how she ended in Bastok. She thinks she might have sleep-walked. How can you..?

In any case, I am glad to know that she is unharmed. We are back in San d'Oria now.

Our way back was magnificent, made no less so by the relief of finally knowing no harm has come to her. We made certain to explore La Theine Plateau more thoroughly than before, and wondered at the ancient mystery of the Crag of Holla again, as well as the natural beauty of the place.

The old man Balasiel who asked for revival tree root has now asked me to visit Ordelle's Caves and bring back proof of my visit. This might not be easy. But somehow, I am looking forward to it.

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