Step to the Spotlight

Vana'diel date: 886/5/16
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:52

I am afraid that I have made an absolute fool of myself this time. Kii Kalira's enthusiasm for dancing did not seem to abate, and once we had reached San d'Oria right in time for her 19th birthday, she somehow managed to convince the proprietor of Lion Spring Tavern to let us dance upon the stage there. Needless to say, I had no idea what I should have done, and wished to stay far away. If only it hadn't been her birthday, I might have been able to evade this request somehow…
I think I might not show my face in the establishment for a while. Our joke of a performance ended up in us being nearly thrown out, it was clear from the proprietor's words that he wishes to have nothing further to do with us. I suppose at least Kii Kalira is excited, she wants to head back to Jeuno now to see Troupe Brilioth's miss Laila again, now that we have fulfilled her criteria. I am not too certain if this is such a good idea, convincing someone like that with an incident such as this. I do hope she won't be too severely disappointed if miss Laila ends up refusing her still.

On the way to San d'Oria we stopped by Valkurm dunes in search of more song runes carved on stone. Having extensively scoured the beaches near Selbina before and reasonably certain such a stone could not be hiding near the town, we ended up walking in an entirely unfamiliar area of Valkurm. While the way we picked brought us further away from the shore at first, it soon doubled back through a small tunnel to an isolated beach where we did indeed find an almost exact duplicate of the stone in Buburimu peninsula. But it was not only the stone that greeted us. We found there not only Lewenhart, the bard we met in Buburimu and later in Jeuno again, but the heartbroken Jeunoan bard had also made his way there. What a coincidence for us all to reach the stone around the same time - although I do think Mr Lewenhart had been there a while before us. It turns out he is a bard of much fame, legendary among other bards. To have been able to meet such a person entirely by accident!
We talked for a while, and I think Kii Kalira was much enchanted by his words. She has been humming suspiciously often these few days since that meeting. Sometimes, I wonder how so much enthusiasm can be held in such a small body. At times, she seems she could burst with the sheer power of her energy and interest.

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