The City of Humes

Vana'diel date: 885/5/24
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:21

Co-existence with Kii Kalira is not without its troubles. Nevertheless, she is quite..charming.
We have now left Windurst. She surprised me by asking to come along when I told her I'd be going to visit Endahren in Bastok. While worried for her safety, I couldn't exactly refuse. Thankfully the journey was rather uneventful.

People seem to rely much on adventurers these days. When we visited the Goldsmithing Guild in Mhaura, the Guild leader Fyi Chalmwoh stopped us and asked us to help. She wants to build…mannequins. I do not quite understand her enthusiasm, but nevertheless, we agreed to ask around. The weaver's wife in Selbina seemed to know something, but she was quite adamant she wouldn't help, and just sent us on our way with an old mannequin catalog. She seems to have something against them. We'll continue searching.

Kii Kalira doesn't seem to like Bastok too much. She has this strange expression on her face at times. Maybe we should leave soon.

Endahren seems to be doing rather well. He was busy with work, though, and we haven't had much time to catch up, so I've been exploring Bastok by myself and with Kii Kalira. It's quite different to be here when you can freely choose where to go. Father did always have the strictest time tables.

I've joined the local Goldsmithing Guild, although they tell me elvaan do not make too good goldsmiths. I think I would like to try, though, and the gil made off of it will certainly be needed. For now, I am just learning the basics of it. It seems to be rather more complicated than I thought, I have had my share of failures. I think that is to be expected, though.

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