The Goblin Tailor

Vana'diel date: 886/4/5
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:49

Goblins are a surprisingly crafty lot. At the moment I cannot remember if I mentioned this before, but Jeuno has many of them. They are treated with some suspicion, but mostly as regular merchants. When I first arrived in Jeuno it worried me more than it does these days. I had heard of this behavior, but I could not quite grasp it. Now, I think it may be a good thing, that some people live in such close proximity with these peculiar beastmen. It gives the opportunity to learn much from each other, if we are only open-minded enough to put aside our differences for a moment.
There is a certain establishment in Lower Jeuno called Muckvix's Junkshop, that sports a small goblin eatery in the back. It was almost by accident that I and Kii Kalira entered the place, but there we encountered this goblin called Guttrix who started talking to us. He is apparently a tailor out to practice his skills on making garments in other than goblin sizes. I was dubious as to this endeavor at first but we decided to give it a try. After all, he only required some magical patterns that for some reason were hidden away inside the Maze of Shakhrami. Since we were familiar with the place and knew going in would net us some more gil if we sold the spoils of battle we obtained in there, it made the decision to go on a wild-goose chase after these purported magical patterns that much easier. Gil is never easy to come by, and one must eat too.

It took some time to find the goblin coffers in that place, let alone obtain keys to open said coffers as the both of us quite spectacularly fail in any lock-picking of any kind. We were just about ready to give up when - surprise of all surprises, we actually managed to find one, and not too long after another one. Armed with our strange finds we made our way back to Jeuno and handed them over to Guttrix. When we returned at the the specified time for our finished garments he held up to his word and gave them to us. I can honestly say I have never been quite so surprised in my life. Not only did this goblin offer to do something for us without being asked to, he actually held up to his word. I may have to revise my opinions on the goblin-kind.
The clothes we received are surprisingly durable and enhanced with quite potent magics. I do not think we could have afforded anything even approaching this quality by ourselves. We truly are in his debt.
Although I must say, Kii Kalira in these new clothes of hers is… well, they are red mithra tribal-type clothes. That shall be enough mention of that.

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