The Harvest Festival, Day 1

Vana'diel date: 885/10/30
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:25

It is the first day of the Harvest Festival. Earlier today, Kii Kalira and I were on our way to Giddeus to complete some requests from the cityfolk. Just outside Odin's Gate we came upon a frantic Moogle. While this itself has not been an infrequent sight lately, it was only polite to listen to his woes.

Turns out that the rumors that have been circulating in Windurst lately were based on truth, and the monster was actually the exorcist Pyracmon, come back to life due to an evil relic he had in his possession. Controlled by the evil of the relic, he had become a fearsome monster, a rather big flying eyeball. Naturally, we agreed to help the poor Moogles. We joined the many other adventurers helping vanquish this evil, and after a fierce but short battle we emerged victorious.

Words cannot quite convey how amazed I am by this turn of events. To have those rumors to actually have been true… this certainly is the most exciting Harvest Festival I remember having, and I am truly glad that I came to Windurst again.

However, it worries me how easy it was to dispose of the threat, in the end. Could this truly have been a mighty exorcist in his previous life?

Despite the festivities, something seems to be bothering Kii Kalira. I am reasonably certain by now that my misconduct has been forgiven, but something is most certainly weighing on her mind. I wish I could help.

And we never did get as far as Giddeus. Will have to attempt again tomorrow.

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