The Harvest Festival, Day 2

Vana'diel date: 885/10/31
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 15:26

It has been a busy and incredible day again. I do not remember the last time we've had this much excitement in our lives.

Throughout the morning and day I and Kii Kalira participated in the festivities again, and agreed to help with an event called the Wake of the Lilies. I dimly recall hearing something about this previously, yet the exact particulars of the matter elude me. It is apparently a wake held yearly to appease the souls of dead witches, with progressions in every nation.
Aside from the Wake, we walked about the city in costume and enjoyed the festivities. As much as it pains me to admit, the festivities in San d'Oria have never been this much fun. There is something about the atmosphere in Windurst that makes everything seem that much more lighthearted, and the people more willing to let go of everyday matters to concentrate on having a good time.

Later in the day, I and Kii Kalira attempted to leave for Giddeus again. But who do we meet if not the very Moogle we met yesterday, still worrying about Pyracmon. I had good reason to worry about the authenticity of his defeat yesterday. It seems that he might be immortal, or close to it. Nevertheless, this should not stop us from doing everything we can to stop him, whatever his purpose in infiltrating Windurst would be. We aided in his defeat once again. It seems though that after yesterday, not quite as many adventurers are willing to help. There were only two Tarutaru dragoons with us. Despite this, our victory was ensured. I am starting to think that his strategy depends on overwhelming our defences not with strength, but with resilience.

For defeating Pyracmon this time - what can the cityguard be thinking, not helping during these times? - I and Kii Kalira received several enchanted items. The enchantment is a spell of Teleport, with the destination point set at Bastok. The mere concept of such items fascinates me. They are certainly cannot be very widely available, for I have merely heard of them before, but never seen one.

Our venture to Giddeus forgotten, we decided to see what festivities Bastok has to offer us. The decision was certainly sudden, although understandable considering the freedom and convenience of travel these items have temporarily brought us.

I am currently writing this in Bastok. I hope the good people of Windurst can wait a little while to have their requests fulfilled. We have rented rooms here and plan to stay for a little while.

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