The Lonely Song of the Seas

Vana'diel date: 886/5/8
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:52

This Vana'diel holds wondrous places and stories in it indeed. After leaving Windurst the last time, I and Kii Kalira headed to Buburimu Peninsula in search of these mysterious song runes carved in stone. It was no quick process, but eventually we ended up at a beach only accessible by from the sea, descending steep cliffs to it, or taking this hidden tunnel to it. There, we found a slab of stone carved with the words of this song, and met a wandering minstrel who told us he visits this beach often. The song and the view from the beach are both indeed worth coming.

While there, the thought of the broken-hearted bard in Jeuno came to my thoughts, and we decided to write down the words on the stone and show them to him, thinking it would ease his broken heart to sing this song full of love and longing. It appears this song might not be able to mend broken hearts after all. We did find the bard again, but he wasn't too pleased at being shown such an old song, thinking it would resonate with him. I have to admit, I am somewhat disappointed. Although something may come from this yet. From the same person who mentioned the song runes originally, we heard that there is another set of runes in Valkurm Dunes. I am determined to see these runes for myself now.

Walking around upper Jeuno today we came across a troupe of dancers who put up a show in the streets. Kii Kalira was most excited over this. Before I could stop her, she had started talking to the leader of the troupe, almost begging for her to be taught to dance like the people of the troupe. I do not think that Laila, the leader of the troupe, was very polite. I do understand that she was working, but in a performace profession like hers it would be natural to be talked with every now and then.
Although I have to admit, even despite her attitude she did give some hope. She told us to get some fame as dancers before she could possibly teach us anything. I do not know how it happened, but apparently I am to be included in this. Kii Kalira is as excited as she was to see this troupe, but I am somewhat hesitant. She will not make me try to dance, will she?

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