The Sharp-fanged One

Vana'diel date: 886/4/30
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:51

I have been honored with a proper audience with the Chieftainness of the mithra in Windurst, Perih Vashai. Kii Kalira, after hearing tales of her accomplishments in the Great War from the mithra in Kazham, became excited and wanted to visit Windurst. Upon our arrival she wasted no time to lead us to the Chieftainness, very excited about Perih Vashai's mastery of the bow. I did not know she was interested in archery. She has always been more of a healer type in my mind. Maybe this is a recent thing. She sure has changed a lot. Not that I would mind, it merely strikes me as a quick change.
Where was I. Ah, yes, the Chieftainness. When Kii Kalira insisted on talking to her that day she listened patiently and then sent us on a strange quest. It involved tracking down what I think was a kind of a sabertooth tiger graveyard in Meriphataud Mountains. I still do not quite understand her insistence on us seeing this, but we concealed ourselves and waited patiently, and in the end witnessed the last moments of an old sabertooth tiger.
Upon our return to Windurst the Chieftainness listened to our reactions to this event and taught us about the mithra way of living off nature while respecting it. It was a true eye-opener, and I think it affected Kii Kalira even more than she cares to admit.

Something else happened too, on our journey to find this dying place of sabertooth tigers. Witnessing that event left us both thoughtful, and since night had not yet fallen we made our way to Jeuno, to spend the night much more comfortably before heading back to Windurst to report to the Chieftainness. As we had time left over before night fell even after arriving to Jeuno, we went to spend a pleasant evening in the Merry Minstrel in lower Jeuno. The evening turned out not so pleasant, as the bard was more interested in his own sorrow than entertaining the customers. As Kii Kalira remarked on it the mithra behind the counter told us about some old song that supposedly mends broken hearts. It was most curious. It only struck me afterwards, but that bard seemed very broken-hearted. If it could be healed with a simple song, would that not be nice? I think we should head to Buburimu Peninsula and try to find this song, apparently it is carved to some stone there.

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