The Star Onion Brigade

Vana'diel date: 886/3/14
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:48

Windurst is surely home to many wondrous things. Some of these things - rather, persons - are also somewhat amusing. Kii Kalira made friends with a group of children in Windurst before, they call themselves the Star Onion Brigade. I had the honor of being accepted as a member to this selective group today. They have their hideout behind some warehouses in the port district.

Apparently the last time she went to play with these children they retrieved a stray mana orb - one of those round devices used to power Cardians. I had no idea she had been playing with children like this. Not that I'd have to know everything she does, it merely seems..amusing to me. Charming for certain. I hear they played a prank on the famous mithra thief Nanaa Mihgo.
This time, the Brigade was in confusion as the mana orb they'd found last time had gone missing. After several mishaps we managed to get ourselves made fake moustaches - for what purpose, I could not really understand, this being a detective game of some kind - but it turned out to be for naught as one of the Brigade members themselves confessed to having this orb. I wouldn't begrudge time spent on playing with children, but seeing her wearing a fake moustache made it seem all that more worthwhile…
She seems to have cheered up somewhat after this ordeal. That is good.

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