The Village of Kazham

Vana'diel date: 886/4/24
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:51

Jeuno has strange people indeed. I have written before about the adventurer discount of offering a Kazham-Jeuno airship pass in exchange for keys from the three beastman forts. It turns out it was not mere joke, but a real promotion of the airline company. I and Kii Kalira are now in possession of Kazham passes, that enable us to use that particular route. While it is that route only, it is still quite an expensive item that they offer in exchange for some trivialities. What can they possibly achieve by gathering those keys?

I suppose one should not complain when luck shines one's way. Kii Kalira was most excited about this opportunity, so hardly had we reached Jeuno that we set out again, this time on board an airship. It has been a long time since I was aboard one, and I do believe it was Kii Kalira's first time. And neither did her excitement diminish on reaching Kazham, quite the contrary. I think only a faint memory of such a thing as decorum kept her back from talking to everyone we came across and snooping around every corner, into every house. Not too long ago I wouldn't have believed her to be capable of such excitement, but experience has taught me better. Sometimes after we set out from Windurst that spring a year ago, it seems like she is a different person entirely.
The air here is hot and humid, this climate hardly seems fit to live in for longer periods of time. I suppose it is all about what you're used to though, as the native mithra do not seem to have any issue with it. For that matter, neither does Kii Kalira, really. We've dared to walk around the outskirts of the village, right where village turns into jungle, but did not venture out into jungle proper yet. Listening to the locals, you hear many stories about the dangerous beasts that roam these jungles.

I have discovered that there is such a thing as being too courteous. Or maybe that there is a limit to where being courteous becomes something else. There is another elvaan guest at the inn we're staying at, and I could swear I overheard him flirting with Kii Kalira yesterday. It was cleverly disguised for sure, but… and it's not like it's any concern of mine. Concealing his behavior behind courteousness merely annoys me somewhat. That is all.

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