To Become a Knight

Vana'diel date: 886/4/11
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:50

It is good to spend some time in one's home nation every now and then. At least, this was the thought in the back of my head when I and Kii Kalira headed to San d'Oria after making our aqcuaintance with the goblin Guttrix. But as an adventurer of some name I suppose one should not expect too much time to rest. Hardly had we entered within the walls of the city that we came across Balasiel who had previously awared both of us with the rank of a San d'Orian squire. He had one more test for our skills it seems, for he read us a riddle from the Book of Tasks. While somewhat tired, I did not hesitate to start unraveling this riddle. The first part of it was much more easily solved than the second, but I must admit to being almost defeated by the next two riddles. As Kii Kalira claimed to not be interested in riddles it is entirely possible they would have remained unsolved but for a chance happening - an official mission from San d'Oria. And not just any mission, a mission that enabled me to meet Prince Trion! It was a great honor to meet His Highness once again. To have word of my accomplishments reach the ears of one of the princes, it is almost unimaginable.
Ah, yes, the riddles. As my misison orders I was instructed to head to Davoi to retreave a report on the moves of the orcs there. Upon researching my destination - mainly its map - I had the most enlightening idea. The clues, while for certain could point to just any place with a river, could very well coincide with the layout of Davoi as well. I wasted no time picking up Kii Kalira before we headed to Davoi. I have been there on a mission before as well, but that time did not require me to head as deep in as this time.

Once I had successfully retrieved the report from a knight on duty in the area, we started searching the area. While it might not have been too good to dally around like that while on an official mission, I justify this to myself as having been a semi-official mission from a high-ranking San d'Orian official.
…I cannot deny that it was somewhat difficult to sneak around Davoi. There were orcs everywhere, ones far more skilled than what we have previously encountered. But once again, our spells came to our aid, and we managed to retrieve a peculiarly disfigured sword from a disused well at the very edges of Davoi. Upon returning to San d'Oria, not was I only congratulated on the completion of my mission by Prince Trion himself, but by presenting the disfigured sword to Balasiel as proof of solving the riddles I and Kii Kalira were awarded the title of honorary San d'Orian knights. I cannot help but feel that my heart is about to burst with pride. I must attempt to bring myself to ground somehow soon, becoming proud over these recent events would not be a very good way to pay back all this honor I have been awarded as of late.
Maybe the way to achieve this lies with Kii Kalira. She does not seem too affected by becoming a knight, but instead grumbles about everything. I wonder what is wrong with her. Maybe she did not agree with coming to San d'Oria after all.

Somewhere along the way, a whole year has passed since I set out on my adventure. Certainly many things have happened, too many to conveniently downsize to a simple sentence. May the next year bring as much excitement, and avoid the sorrows and worries that plagued parts of the last.

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