Vicious Ghosts

Vana'diel date: 886/6/5
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:55

Gusgen Mines…I had no idea things were so bad deep inside. When we visited the place last year we only went a little ways in, just enough to see the hordes of undead that had made residence in the mines. It turns out that undead are not the only ones that call those mines home, but there are more than enough common ghosts in there. I think these might be the actual dead miners from when the place was still in use.
It is highly unsettling. Walking around in the mines, you see strange and unexplainable lights, hear voices and laughter the person beside you might not hear, see visions of horribly disfigured people that appear out of nowhere right beside you, and disappear just as quickly. And as if that was not enough to make Gusgen a truly inhospitable place, once you enter the deepest parts of the mine it appears to be almost impossible to get out. Once we entered, no matter how we tried we could not find the way out - tunnels that seemingly lead towards the exit mysteriously led past it. We could only longingly gaze down at the exit hub far down below, when we managed to find even that. The tunnel you could see it from was entirely too high to attempt descending, however.
I do not ever wish to enter that deep in to the mines again. Once we ascertained that something in the mines was preventing us from getting out the normal way, we took it upon ourselves to cast Warp upon ourselves. It is a good thing indeed that the spell worked, if not we would likely still be stuck within the mines, lost.

While I suppose it was a good thing we Warped, I wonder why we did not do it immediately upon replacing the old seal of banishing with the new one once we found it. We would have done that soon anyway, as it is the overwhelmingly fastest way to return to San d'Oria to report on the completion of the task we were given. Friar Eperdur who gave us this task was gracious enough to reward us with a rare spell, that of Teleport-Holla. Somehow, this magic homes in on one of the crystals at the Crag of Holla in La Theine Plateau, and transports the caster and possibly several others to that exact point, no matter where in the world they were before. I have heard of teleporting before - indeed, have used a kind of teleporting they offer for some cost to every San d'Orian citizen that wishes to use it - but we did not have access to such spells before.
I do not think I can use this spell for quite some time as it requires rather advanced skills with white magic, but Kii Kalira has the required skills and more. This is truly a gift from the Goddess, and will undoubtedly ease our traveling quite a bit. I cannot help but wonder if we would be able to obtain similar spells for other crystals in the world.

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