Welcome the New Year

Vana'diel date: 886/1/1
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:44

First day of the new year. May it be as event-filled as the last one.
Although I am not entirely certain I should be hoping for that. I…I am confused. While Kii Kalira did seem to be cheered up by our visit to Jeuno, I certainly did not expect her to kiss me. Ah, there you have it. I can barely write it down, my head becomes so filled with thoughts of her I simply cannot coordinate my hands enough. I'm afraid I'm taking it too far. While she is sweet, and Endahren especially has mistaken the situation - quite permanently it seems - in reality I cannot recall any instance where she would hint about something more. It was just a new year's kiss, that is all.

I must take my mind off this matter.

We will be going to Bastok soon again. With the festival season over, we must retain our duties. The both of us have been ordered to make a visit to the capital as a continuation to a display of mutual willingness to help other nations. It is quite convenient that we would both receive such orders at the same time, although I suppose convenience should have nothing to do with it. It is a matter of political importance to keep good relations with your neighbors, and our missions are just small examples of that.

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