Without Her Sister

Vana'diel date: 886/3/4
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:45

The end of the winter is drawing near. The Doll Festival preparations came and went, and the day itself is almost gone now. Time generally passes slowly during the winters, but the feastdays go by fast. This year's Doll Festival we spent in Windurst, and it was certainly surprising, but not in a good way. I started thinking about the nature of the day. It is, after all a festival for girls, so I asked Kii Kalira if she wouldn't rather spend it with her sister. The answer I received was that her sister died some time before I arrived to Windurst last year. I have to admit to being more than a little surprised. She hadn't said a word to me of it before, and although she certainly doesn't need to, it still leaves me wondering. Why wouldn't she mention something like this? She must have been devastated by her loss when I so presumingly whisked her away from Windurst along with me. I wonder if this loss doesn't explain some of the differences I've noticed from how she was before.
I am not sure why, but she bought me a Windurst-made bonbori lantern some time after. I had been admiring them, but that doesn't mean she would have to buy one for me. I have to confess to being confused.

Earlier in the day I met a strange mithra. It isn't entirely polite to say so, but for some reason I seem to meet many of them. This one told me to fetch her a suitable stone for Rarab's Tail hostelry's famous pickles. It is strange though, she didn't appear to be working for the establishment herself. So why…? Windurst is certainly a laid-back place.

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