Bonus Items in FF11

This page lists various items that are not (or were not originally) available as a result of your in-game activities, such as pre-order items, product tie-ins and various campaigns. Note that limited items (originally) obtainable from in-game activities such as seasonal and other events are not listed here.

By Method

Early On

Adventurer Recruit Program
Mandragora Beret
Guide Beret
Sprout Beret
Detonator Belt
Lunar Cap
Sol Cap
Miniature Airship

Ballista Royale tournament
Stars Cap
Laurel Crown

Vanafest and other events
Athena Orb
Cordial Invite
Chocobo Wand
Martial Ball Invite
Mercenary Camp Entry
Moogle Cap
Moogle Rod
Nomad Cap
Nomad Moogle Rod
Pest Repellant
Training Grounds Key

Wedding Ring

Wings of the Goddess

Crystal War Revisited event

Security Token
Mog Satchel

Buy an Add-on Trilogy
Nexus Cape
Prishe Statue

Vanafest and other events
Chocobo Beret
Stuffed Chocobo

Tidal Talisman merchandise
Tidal Talisman

FFXI Piano Collections soundtrack

Allakhazam Pumpkin Carving Contest 2009
Cushaw Lantern


Donate to charity to SE
Charity Cap

10th Anniversary Official Memorial Book

Seekers of Adoulin

FFXI Ultimate Collection SoA edition
Chocobo Shirt

Login Campaigns
Chocobo Masque
Chocobo Suit
Glinting Shield
Cavorting Worm
Little Lugworm

By Item


Charity Cap (donate to charity through SE)
Chocobo Beret (Vanafests etc)
Chocobo Masque (Login Campaign)
Chocobo Shirt (FFXI Ultimate Collection SoA edition)
Chocobo Suit (Login Campaign)
Chocobo Wand (Vanafests etc)
Detonator Belt (Adventurer Recruitment)
Glinting Shield (Login Campaign)
Guide Beret (Adventurer Recruitment)
Laurel Crown (Ballista Royale)
Lunar Cap (Adventurer Recruitment)
Mandragora Beret (Adventurer Recruitment)
Mandraguard (10th Anniversary Memorial Book)
Moogle Cap (Vanafests etc)
Moogle Rod (Vanafests etc)
Nexus Cape (buy all 3 story add-ons)
Nomad Cap (Vanafests etc)
Nomad Moogle Rod (Vanafests etc)
Redeyes (Crystal War Revisited)
Sol Cap (Adventurer Recruitment)
Sprout Beret (Adventurer Recruitment)
Stars Cap (Ballista Royale)
Tidal Talisman (Tidal Talisman necklace merchandise)
Wedding Ring (Wedding early on)


Cushaw Lantern (Pumpkin Carving contest)
Harpsichord (FFXI Piano Collections)
Miniature Airship (Adventurer Recruitment)
Prishe Statue (buy all 3 Abyssea add-ons)
Stuffed Chocobo (Vanafests etc)
Timepiece (Adventurer Recruitment)

Other Items

Athena Orb (Vanafests etc)
Cavorting Worm (Login Campaign)
Cordial Invite (Vanafests etc)
Chocopass (Adventurer Recruitment)
Little Lugworm (Login Campaign)
Martial Ball Invite (Vanafests etc)
Mercenary Camp Entry (Vanafests etc)
Mog Satchel (Security Token)
Pest Repellant (Vanafests etc)
Training Grounds Key (Vanafests etc)

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