Bonus Items in FF14

This page lists various items that are not (or were not originally) available as a result of your in-game activities, such as pre-order items, product tie-ins and various campaigns. Note that limited items (originally) obtainable from in-game activities such as seasonal and other events are not listed here.

By Method

Version 1.x

Regular Edition Preorder 1.x
Garlond Goggles (headgear)

Collector's Edition Preorder 1.x
Onion Helm (headgear)

FF13 Product Code
Asuran Armguards (hands gear)

FF11 Subscription Campaign
Hermes Shoes (feet gear)

Lodestone Forums contests
Scarf of Wondrous Wit (headgear)

Version 2.x

Legacy campaign
Legacy Chocobo mount

FF 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box
Mog Mog Earrings (earrings)

Preorder 2.x
Moogle Cap (headgear)
Cait Sith Doll minion

Collector's Edition 2.x
Helm of Light (headgear)
Baby Behemoth minion
Behemoth Barding
Coeurl mount

Before Meteor soundtrack
Wind-up Dalamud minion

Veteran Rewards
Phial of Fantasia
Wind-up Cursor minion
Cascadier Uniform voucher (body+legs gear)
Black Chocobo Chick minion
Beady Eye minion
Voidsent Resonator mount

By Item


Asuran Armguards (FF13 product code)
Garlond Goggles (1.x regular edition preorder)
Helm of Light (2.x CE)
Hermes Shoes (FF11 subscription campaign in 1.x)
Mog Mog Earrings (FF 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box)
Moogle Cap (2.x preorder)
Onion Helm (1.x CE preorder)
Scarf of Wondrous Wit (Lodestone forums contest reward)

+(black Cascadier Uniform, name unknown)

Other Items

Phial of Fantasia (Veteran Rewards)
Behemoth Barding (2.x CE)


Coeurl (2.x CE)
Legacy Chocobo (Legacy Campaign)
Voidsent Resonator (Veteran Rewards)


Baby Behemoth (2.x CE)
Beady Eye (Veteran Rewards)
Black Chocobo Chick (Veteran Rewards)
Cait Sith Doll (2.x preorder)
Wind-Up Cursor (Veteran Rewards)
Wind-Up Dalamud (Before Meteor soundtrack)

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