Brave Exvius


BP in Brave Exvius stands for 'Bond Points' (絆ポイント [kizuna point] or 'bond point' in Japanese). They are used to pull from the normal (free) gacha, and are obtained by using your friends' leader characters in battle. You can also ask your friends to gift you with BP, and send them to friends who are asking for them. Note that if you choose to gift a friend with BP, your own BP won't diminish for it.

The normal gacha includes characters of rarities ★ to ★★★, not including any who can be evolved further than that. Note that there are also several medals to be obtained from receiving and sending out enough BP.

Airborne Brigade

BP in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade stands for 'Brigade Points'. They are used to battle Espers and event bosses, and regenerate at a rate of 1 every 15 minutes. The max number of BP you can have is 3, and it is also the max you start out the game with.

It bears noting that the regeneration timer is active even after you reach full BP. This means that if you use up even a single BP 14 minutes after it became full, you'll only have to wait 1 minute until you gain more. It also means that if you use up some BP 15 min 1 sec after it became full, you'll have to wait another 14 min 59 sec to regenerate another one.
Each time you level or use a BP-regenerating item, the timer resets to that moment. It's advisable to be aware of your next BP regeneration time when using or accepting either a level-up or BP regeneration item, so you won't end up in a situation where you would have regened 1 BP in less than a minute, but now have to wait 15 minutes since you just reset the timer. That is essentially a wasted BP.

BP Regeneration Items
Turbo Ether
Fey Drink

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