Checking is a way to find out details about a player or an enemy in Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. You can check someone or something either by bringing up context menu (target and press confirm) and selecting the Check option, or by selecting target and typing in /check. It is also possible to use a shortcut command to check, by default this is ctrl+C.

Final Fantasy XIV

In its earliest incarnations, Final Fantasy XIV (1.x) also had the check system as it was in FF11. However, the enemy checking system was later replaced by displayed enemy levels and aggro symbols, removing the necessity for players to have an estimate of how strong enemies are in relation to their own character.
Note that while the system was removed, it was the only one that had graphical display of the differences, removing the need to take any action before knowing the check level. The icons used in the system are used below as no others exist.

Even after the enemy checking system was removed, the player checking system continued to function as displayed below.

Player Check

Checking a player will display more detail of them than what can be determined simply by looking at them on the field. While the field graphic information is limited to name, linkshell color/player status and visible equips in FF11 (name, title, linkshell crest/FC crest/player status and visible equips in FF14), the check feature allows you to find out the rest of the details. These include linkshell name, player title, bazaar comment (FF11), and all equipment currently in use by the player (both games). In addition, the player's current class and job and their level will be displayed, provided they aren't currently going /anon.

Enemy Check

Checking an enemy will let you gauge how hard the enemy is in relation to your character. This in turn lets you determine the approximate level of the enemy in question and how many experience points you could get from killing it.
What the game does not tell you is how are your chances of winning over each level of check. For many jobs, taking anything above weak Easy Prey can result in a bloodbath and it won't be the enemy who suffers. Then again, having come prepared and targeting the right types of mobs that same job can take on even a Tough enemy. It all depends on your preparation and your skill.

Too Weak to be Worthwhile (TW)
This is a monster that will not yield exp when killed. They also will not aggro you normally, doing it only if you /heal or /sit in their aggro range. At level 1, they are 7 or more levels below you, at level 90 they are 34 or more levels below you.


Easy Prey (EP)
An easy prey will yield anything between 0 and 150 exp under normal circumstances. At level 75 and higher, enemies 15-19 levels below you will not aggro unless you /heal or /sit in their aggro range. At level 1, an EP is 3-6 levels below you, at level 90 they are 8-34 levels below you.


Decent Challenge (DC)
Enemies that give this description will yield 150-200 exp under normal circumstances. They will always aggro. At level 1 they are 1-2 levels below you, at level 90 they are 1-7 levels below.


Even Match (EM)
Even Match enemies will always give 200 exp under normal circumstances. They are the exact same level as your character is.


Tough (T)
This check level will yield 200-300 exp under normal circumstances. Their level ranges from 1-4 levels abow you at level 1, to 1-3 levels above you at level 90.

Very Tough (VT)
Very Tough enemies will give 200-400 exp under normal circumstances. They are 5 levels above you at level 1, and 4-7 levels above you at level 90.


Incredibly Tough (IT)
An incredibly tough enemy will give 400 or more exp under normal circumstances. They are 6 or more levels above you at level 1, 8 or more at level 90.

Impossible to Gauge
An Impossible to Gauge enemy (note that there is no shorthand for it) is always, a notorious monster of some kind, also known as NM. The NM's level does not factor into the check result, it may die in 1-2 hits or it may kill you in 1-2 hits, both will con the same under this system. To find out the level of the enemy in question, you will have to either look it up in an information database/wiki or simply try your luck and hit it.


Aside from what the general level the enemy cons as, there may be several modifiers that let you pinpoint their difficulty with more accuracy. These additional modifiers are so important that the playerbase has a shorthand way of referring to them. The shorthand is simple, you simply add a + for every 'high' value, eg a mob conning IT with high defense would be IT+, and a mob that cons VT with high defense and evasion would be VT++.

Low Defense
The enemy's defense is lower than your attack. Your attack must be at least 25% higher for this message to appear.

Low Evasion
You have an equal to or higher than 80% chance to hit the enemy.

High Defense
The enemy's defense is higher than your attack.

High Evasion
You have a less than 60% chance to hit the enemy.

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