Imprisming (ジェム化 [gem-ka] or 'turn into gem' in Japanese) is the process of capturing a Mirage into a Prismarium in World of Final Fantasy.

Two things are required to imprism. First is being in possession of a prismarium that corresponds to the Mirage you're capturing. Your first prismarium for any Mirage is always free and automatically added to your inventory, any ones beyond that must be obtained otherwise. The second condition is that the Mirage in question must be under the prismtunity status.
Note that there are some enemies that cannot be imprismed. These are identified by either their red glow a the start of the battle, or by the presence of a warding in the area you're in. The latter manifest as a series of red sword-like patterns that surround the area.

Only the main characters Reynn and Lann are capable of imprisming, mechanic-wise. There are certain enemies and other people around the world of Grymoire who are also capable of it story-wise. This means that if you're intending on imprisming a Mirage in battle, you must be using either a stacked-up Reynn or Lann, or Reynn or Lann by themselves. When unstacked, the accompanying Mirages should either defend or work on attacking the other enemies in the battle to avoid killing the target Mirage.

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