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The License Board is a place to gain permission to wear new equipment, use new abilities and gain new traits. It was used in Final Fantasy XII, with a similar device, the License Ring, used in its sequel Revenant Wings.

Licenses on the board are bought with LP, or License Points. Each normal enemy usually gives 1 LP upon their defeat, although bosses can give much more. You also cannot move as you wish on the license board and buy whatever you want, the tile you buy must be either one tile up, down or to the side of a tile you have already purchased previously. On each license board you cannot even see the exact contents of tiles not right next to tiles you already have, they only become visible when a nearby tile is purchased.

License Board Types

The original version of the game has one big license board that is the same (minus a few tiles) for all characters. However, each character has their own copy of that license board - if one character buys license to use an ability, that doesn't mean that anyone else is licensed to use it as well.
This was slightly changed in the International version, the Zodiac Job System version of the game1. In that one, each person could be assigned a specific job license board, and could only buy licenses that appeared on their own board.

The difference between the two systems might not appear big at a glance, but in truth it can completely change the way you play the game. In the original system all your characters can eventually master everything. In the Zodiac Job system, each character can only master one job, albeit one of your own choosing.

License Boards

Original License Board

Zodiac Job Boards
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This section gives a list of all licenses that exist on the boards, how much LP they cost, their type (armor, heavy weapon, light weapon, mystic weapon, accessory, magick, technick, augment, Quickening, Esper) and which boards they can be found on.

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