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Transmutation (特殊進化 [tokushu shinka] or 'special evolution' in Japanese) is a way of making weapons and abilities stronger in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. A related concept is Limit Boost, both of which differ from Enhancing.



You can find transmutation under main menu -> Evolve (進化 [shinka]) -> Transmutation tab. The Transmutation tab will default to whichever of Abilities or Weapons sub-tabs you had open when you switched from the default Limit Boost tab to Transmutation. If you did no selection in Limit Boost, you will start out in the Abilities sub-tab.

The specific way transmutation makes things stronger is by advancing their rank. This means that an R weapon or ability will become R+ when transmuted. Likewise R+ will turn into SR and SR will turn into SR+.
Do note, however, that N and N+ cannot be transmuted at all, and while SSR can be transmuted into SSR+, you cannot transmute SR+ into SSR. The status of UR transmutation is unknown at the moment.

Transmutation Paths
R -> R+
R+ -> SR
SR -> SR+

How To

Once you're in the Transmutation tab, you will see a list of either Abilities or Weapons (depending on which sub-tab you have open) that you posses and can be transmuted at all. Note that this doesn't mean that you have the resources to do so at the moment, it simply means they are capable of being transmuted.
All abilities and weapons that are capable of being transmuted originally came from an event of some kind.

Note how each ability or weapon lists a number of items below its name. This is how many of a transmutation item you need to transmute the weapon or ability as it is. Aside from those from the very first events, the number of transmutation items required will go down if you Limit Boost the weapon or ability in question. Some will go down as far as 10 items required, and start out at a max of 200 (un-limit boosted). Some others only go down to 25 items required, and start out at a max of 400 (un-limit boosted).

You can only obtain transmutation items from their corresponding events. Once the event is over, you can't obtain the items again, meaning if you sell the items or were not there to participate in the event, you can't transmute the weapons and abilities of that event even if you obtain them later.
Aside from the transmutation items, transmuting also requires a small sum of gil.

Below you can find a list of the transmutation items and the events they're from.

Event Theme Transmutation Items
Chaos Bahamut Attacks FF13-2 Pink Fragment
Blue Fragment
Purple Fragment
Typhon Appears
Deathgaze's Onslaught
FF6 Blue Magicite Shard
Green Magicite Shard
Purple Magicite Shard
Calamity from the Skies
Operation Jenova
FF7 Red Materia
Blue Materia
Yellow Materia
Black Materia
Shattered World FF 25th Anniversary Red Gem
Blue Gem
Green Gem
White Gem
Showdown FF 25th Anniversary Orange Gem
Cyan Gem
Purple Gem
? FF11 Crimson Magicite Shard
Cobalt Magicite Shard
Verdant Magicite Shard
Dark Flame

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