Weather effects have been present in several different Final Fantasies. The first to include changing weather in an area was Final Fantasy XI, after which other titles started including the mechanic.

Weather in Final Fantasies can effect things such as monsters that appear in the area, the potency of your elemental abilities and the routes you can take to get through the area.

Final Fantasy XI

In Final Fantasy XI the weather is divided by its element into 7 categories. Some elements are associated with several categories, while Clear, Cloudy and Fog weather is not associated with any. If any other weather than Clear, Cloudy or Fog is present, the element of the weather can be found by the clock and the detection compass on the lower left corner, above the chat box.
Note that the elemental symbols also indicate how strong the weather is. One weather symbol indicates a lighter version of the weather, with two indicating a stronger version. Another thing of note is that only the non-elemental weather affects special areas such as cities.

Element Weather Areas
- Clear
fire_ff11.gif Fire Hot Spells
Heat Waves
earth_ff11.gif Earth Dust Storms
Sand Storms
water_ff11.gif Water Rainy
wind_ff11.gif Wind Windy
ice_ff11.gif Ice Snow
lightning_ff11.gif Lightning Thunder
light_ff11.gif Light Auroras
Stellar Glare
dark_ff11.gif Dark Gloom

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Final Fantasy XII

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Final Fantasy XIII

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Final Fantasy XIV

Weather in Final Fantasy XIV is integrated into the base system of the game. The weather indicator can be found next to the moon phase indicator, on the upper right corner in the default UI, attached to the map widget.

Aside from the weather types that can be found out in the world, there are also weather effects connected to various events or special battlefields. These event weather types have been listed below the normal types in the chart below.

Normal Weather

Note that if two symbols for a weather is displayed below, the first displayed is the 2.0+ version symbol, and the second one was used in 1.x. Note also that weather aside from Clear and event weathers did not affect the cities and dungeons in version 1.x, it hasn't been specifically listed below.

Symbol Weather Areas 2.0+ Areas 1.x
weather_sunny_ff14.png Clear All2
weather_clear_ff14.png Fair All3
weather_cloudy_ff14.png Overcast
(Cloudy 1.x)
weather_wind_ff14.png weather_gales_ff14.png Windy La Noscea, Coerthas
weather_gales_ff14.png Gales -
weather_misty_ff14.png Fog
(Misty 1.x)
La Noscea, Black Shroud
weather_rain_ff14.png Rainy La Noscea, Black Shroud, Thanalan, Coerthas
weather_showers_ff14.png Showers -
weather_thunder_ff14.png Thunder -
weather_thunderstorm_ff14.png weather_storm_ff14.png Thunderstorm
(Stormy 1.x)
La Noscea, Black Shroud, Coerthas
weather_duststorm_ff14.png Duststorm Thanalan -
weather_sandstorm_ff14.png weather_duststorm_ff14.png Sandstorm Thanalan Thanalan
weather_hotspell_ff14.png Hot Spells Sagolii Desert -
weather_heatwave_ff14.png Heatwave Sagolii Desert -
weather_snow_ff14.png Snow Coerthas Starlight Celebration (cities)
Heavens' Knell (cities)
weather_blizzard_ff14.png Blizzard Coerthas -
weather_miasma_ff14.png Gloom
(Miasma 1.x)
Mor Dhona Mor Dhona

Event Weather

Symbol Weather Areas
weather_heatwaveifrit_ff14.png Heatwave The Bowl of Embers
weather_gloommoogle_ff14.png Gloom
(Miasma 1.x)
weather_galesgaruda_ff14.png Gales The Howling Eye
weather_eruptions_ff14.png Eruptions The Navel
weather_darkness_ff14.png Darkness Stone Vigil
weather_lour_ff14.png Lour Ultima Weapon fights
weather_torrential_ff14.png Torrential The Whorleater
weather_thunderclouds_ff14.png Thunderclouds The Striking Tree
weather_hopelessness_ff14.png Hopelessness Vicinity of the FATE Steel Reign
weather_sakura_ff14.png Cherry Blossoms Little Ladies' Day
weather_aurora_ff14.png Aurora Everywhere Aug-Sep 2012, Fall of Dalamud
weather_dalamud_ff14.png Dalamud Everywhere Sep-Nov 2012, Fall of Dalamud

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