A New Day, a New City

Vana'diel date: 883/2/7
Place: Windurst Woods, in a hostelry room
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:35

The sun shining into Jenare's eyes woke him from his sleep. When he opened his eyes, he went through a momentary confusion. The surroundings did not look familiar to him, and everything was constructed in an unfamiliar way, out of unfamiliar materials. Then he remembered. This was Windurst, the capital city of the Federation of Windurst. The ancient capital of the tarutaru, mostly destroyed in the Great War twenty years past, but since rebuilt. The history of this place was overwhelming. He had been looking forward to this journey for weeks beforehands, even though a good portion of it would go to aiding his father in business matters.
Jenare smiled and dressed for the day. If all went well, his father would allow him the free time to look around Windurst today. Gervaine wasn't too interested in the history of other nations, even though he kept bringing up the grand history of their home nation San d'Oria. He was a true patriot, although sometimes Jenare thought his opinions about other nations and other races of the Goddess went too far. They were all the Goddess' children, there was no reason to shun others, even though their appearance was different. Personally, he felt curious about the other races. There had never been much opportunity for him to interact with them, other than with the occasional hume.
"Father? Are you awake?" Jenare passed the screen separating the space into two. Most likely he wasn't, as he would have waken Jenare up if he had risen already.
"Mmm. Ah. Morning already?" Jenare nodded seriously. Lately, his father had been sleeping more than before. He wasn't certain if it was serious, since it wasn't instantly obvious and happened only every now and then. Still, only several years before he had never caught his father sleeping, no matter how early he woke up himself.
"Shall I head down for breakfast?"
"You do that. I will join you in a moment. We have a lot to do today." Now that he had woken up, Gervaine was full of energy. There was business to be done, deals to be signed, and wares examined. Jenare smiled faintly.
"Alright." With that, he headed down the stairs to the eatery. Their lodging fee included a breakfast for every morning they would spend here, and one meal in the after noon. The rest of their meals they would have to take elsewhere. Jenare was already looking forward to enjoying the varied Windurstian dishes. That is, if he could convince his father to try out something a bit more foreign, which was not a given. Perhaps if they were unable to find a place in the near vicinity that offered something familiar…
Jenare looked over his shoulder. His father would take a little while to get ready yet. Feeling somewhat guilty about it, he inquired of the kitchen staff giving out breakfast for good places to try out Windurstian food. It couldn't hurt, and they didn't necessarily have to eat in these places. Nevertheless, it was good to be prepared. He listened attentively and memorized the names of the places the tiny tarutaru recommended him. This would quite likely turn out to be an interesting day. When his father came down for breakfast, Jenare was peacefully eating his breakfast, with only a slight guilt within him and several memorized recommendations showing he had done anything out of the ordinary. He hoped the tarutaru who had advised him wouldn't give him away to his father.

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