Arrival in Windurst

Vana'diel date: 883/2/6
Place: Sand'Oria-Windurst Airship, nearing Windurst
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Evening. The lights of Windurst shone down below, coming ever closer. The wind was cold, so Jenare drew his coat tighter around him. It was his first time seeing the city of Windurst, who sacrificed so much during the Great War.
"Don't wander too far, Jenare."
"I won't, father," he answered, turning respectfully to face the older man. The trip had been long, even with airships the distance between Windurst and San d'Oria wasn't covered too quickly.
"You be careful now. The tarutaru here never learned to be careful around their betters. They're running freely all over the place." Jenare just nodded, neglecting to mention that he had received this very same warning five times already since they had switched airships Jeuno. "And surely you know better than to interact with the mithra. Those tails are indecent!" This time, he nearly sighed. There warnings were worse than when they had first visited the Republic of Bastok.
"Yes, father. Shouldn't we go belowdeck to gather our belongings? We'll arrive soon."
"Yes, yes. Wouldn't want anyone wandering off with them. These foreigners, you never know," Gervaine muttered, and started making his way off the deck. Jenare could only follow, but before he did that, he threw one last look at the city. Despite the ever-present grumbling about foreigners, it might turn out to be an interesting experience.

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