Book Worms

Vana'diel date: 879/4/20
Place: Northern San d'Oria, Richille's Wares
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Jenare was bored. He would never say a word of it to his father, but looking after the store wasn't all he had made it up to be, especially on a slow day. Not that he had ever had the opportunity other than on a slow day, his father and Triene always looked after it on busier days, reducing him to doing background work, if anything.
The door opened. Jenare straightened and smiled politely. "Welcome!" Then he noticed who had just walked in. "Ah…" It was a blond-haired Elvaan, several years older than him. He was called Endahren, and had earlier been a good friend of Triene's. Nowadays, he usually came to Richille's Wares to just look through the book selection.
"Evening, Jenare. On store duty I see?" Jenare thought the older boy had matured and grown much from the early days. Back when he and Triene still ran wild around the port area, he had never been this polite - except maybe when there were adults about. Somehow, when an adult had paid attention to them, Endahren's personality had always changed. Jenare felt like frowning. Or maybe that was just an impression he had gotten, it wasn't like he had spent that much time around Endahren back then. And nevertheless, it wasn't polite to think something like this of a good acquaintance and a customer.
"Yes, father and Triene have some business to attend to today."
"Heh, and left you with the boring stuff." Jenare shrugged. Well, it wasn't as if a person could change entirely.
"Got anything interesting in your selection today?" Jenare thought for a while. He presumed that Endahren meant in their book selection, for he had seen him around the bookshelf of the store almost all the times he had seen him around. He had never seen him buy anything, though.
"What kind of books do you normally read?"
"Mostly biographies, some fictional tales… keep my life interesting, you know?" Jenare smiled, surprised and delighted. He hadn't been aware that this somewhat deceitful and wild older boy was interested in such things. For some reason, he hadn't thought Endahren to be the type to read such things. One more lesson in life, he thought. Never judge by appearances.
"Ah, here, let me show you. We got some new books yesterday. I'm rather excited over these myself, as there was a total of two I had not read before." Jenare came from behind the counter and walked to the bookshelf. Endahren chuckled and followed.
"What, you read this sort of things too? Man, I always knew you were a book worm but I figured you'd be more interested in history books and the like."
"History books…? Well, they do have their own draw, but when I can choose, I tend to read these kinds." Jenare blinked, slightly taken aback at Endahren's reply. It appeared like he hadn't been the only one with misconceptions. Somehow, that made him feel better.
"Well then, show me what you've got." Endahren smiled at him friendly, and Jenare turned back to the book shelf, feeling glad that the older boy had come by today. There weren't too many people he could share his enthusiasm over books with, as his father and Triene certainly weren't interested, and he had mostly let his childhood frienships wither away to mere acquaintances. He felt he couldn't suddenly bring up something like books to them, the rare times he met them anymore. He felt guilty over letting those friendships wither away to this extent, but supposed it couldn't be helped. He had been busy with his studies, both with books and with sword and magic, and lately also learning to tend to the store.
"Oh, have you read the Dragon Chronicles yet?" His eyes had fallen on a copy of the famous book when searching for something to recommend. It was an old book, but a classic, and he thought it was better to ask instead of skip the book on a mere assumption.
"You have it? I've been meaning to get a copy, but it always seems to slip my mind somehow." Endahren eyed the bookshelf curiously. Jenare nodded and retrieved the book. He himself had read the book early on, it had been one of the first real books he had worked through. Back then, it had been difficult. Not so much now. These days it merely remained an interesting account of the fabled King Ranperre R d'Oraguille's adventures.
"We certainly do now. There have been several inquiries about it recently, but we could not obtain copies before now." He handed the book to Endahren, who leafed through it, looking very interested.
"I think I'll be taking this today, then." Endahren looked up from the book. "The selection certainly didn't take long today. Thanks. It's rare for me to get anyone to talk about books at all." He smiled at Jenare.
"Ah, no problem. It is my job, after all." Jenare smiled back at him and walked back to the counter. Endahren really wasn't as difficult a person as he had thought previously.
"Just out of curiosity, are you busy tonight?"
"Ah..? No, I will most likely be home. Why is that?" The question had surprised Jenare entirely.
"We're going out to the Rusty Anchor tonight with a couple friends. You could come with us, if you'd like," Endahren explained. Then, seeing Jenare's dubious expression, he quickly continued, "We always do that, go sit around in the pub for the evening. It's warm there, and at least we're not in the way of our families there. The pub is perfectly content with it if we buy something every now and then."
"I see…" Jenare said slowly while packing up Endahren's purchase. "I could join you, now that you ask. I am fairly certain father won't be needing me tonight." He finished packing the book and received Endahren's gil for it.
"Excellent! I'll be there around seven, see you around?"
"Yes, I will be there if nothing too severe comes in the way." Endahren nodded to him cheerfully and walked out. Jenare was left watching the store, still feeling surprised. Who knew books could get you a new friend?

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