Letter: To Endahren Merchell

Vana'diel date: 885/3/29
Place: Southern San d'Oria, Jenare's Mog House
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:40


Greetings from back home. I hope the letter finds you well, and the store still profitable. How is the situation in Bastok? Any success in your attempt to teach San d'Orian customs to Calvier? I have been doing well for myself, no major troubles.
Since my last letter, I have finally started moving somewhere in my life. I now life in a mog house by myself, accompanied by a moogle who keeps calling me 'Master'. I thought that last bit might prove amusing to you.
Mother was sad to see me go, I think. She did not say anything, but this is the feeling I have. In truth, moving out provided me with surprising experiences. I didn't think I would feel quite so free afterwards. I am still in the city after all, but perhaps the sense of adventure in this is enough by itself for now. I'm looking forward to leaving San d'Oria eventually, and seeing the world with my own eyes. Perhaps I will even visit you one day. Bastok isn't too far from San d'Oria after all.
I have been practicing my fighting skills more than ever. I've discovered that they are much needed if you wish to venture deeper even into such an area as the forests of Ronfaure. I never knew before just how many orcs lurk those woods, ready to prey on a careless traveler. Even though I haven't yet had time to do much, the experiences I've had have opened my eyes to many new things.

Best regards,

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