Letter: To Kii Kalira

Vana'diel date: 883/2/15
Place: Northern San d'Oria, Richille residence
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:35

Miss Kii Kalira,

Greetings from San d'Oria. This is Jenare Richille. If you remember, I promised to write to you after coming back home from Windurst. I decided not to be too late with it, so here is my letter.
Belated Valentione's Day greetings! The day flew by largely unnoticed for me, father and I did not arrive home until yesterday. Hopefully your Valentione's was more eventful than being confined on an airship. As amazing it is to see the scenery fly past, the airship is still a small space to spend a day on.
San d'Oria is as it always is, it never really changes. New buildings are built, old ones crumble, but the spirit of the city is always the same. It is more noticeable after spending some time in a city like Windurst, which always seems to be abuzz with something. At least that is the impression I have of it, having spent slightly less than one week in the city. Is your impression of it different?
I wished to write something meaningful in this letter, but it appears I am not capable of more than senseless chatter. But I think it will do for a first letter. I hope you will decide to write back to me, I will be looking forward to it. Whatever you decide, hopefully you and your sister are doing well.

Jenare Richille

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