Letter: To Kii Kalira

Vana'diel date: 884/9/1
Place: Northern San d'Oria, Richille residence
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:38

Miss Kii Kalira,

First of all, I would like to offer my apologies to have left you waiting in uncertainty for so long. There have been some…complications, here in San d'Oria. To make the matter brief, my father Gervaine Richille died last June. To the end he was against me staying in contact with you. I don't think he ever found out Endahren was willing to help us stay in contact. I felt guilty over this, and could not continue. While he did have opinions that differ drastically from mine, he was still my father.
Endahren left for Bastok today. I think that is what made me take up the pen again. With him gone, I realized that San d'Oria will not offer me any more. I have decided. As soon as mother and Triene are settled down into this new life well, I will leave San d'Oria. I wish to see the world. Even if I've hurt you with my inconsiderate behavior, I hope you can still be happy for me. If you still wish to stay in contact with me, you can once again reach me at my home, at least until I leave.

Jenare Richille

Category: Memories

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