The Angel and the Devil

Vana'diel date: 881/4/19
Place: Port San d'Oria, close to the Rusty Anchor
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Jenare was slightly confused. So this person, Nightingale, was the reason Endahren hadn't been around much recently? He'd only noticed it in the last couple days, but when he thought back, he definitely had been around less than before. He had thought it might be his fault, spending so much of his time with Vera.
That thought hurt, so he pushed it back. He didn't feel like dealing with it in company of these two. He glanced at Endahren and hoped he hadn't noticed anything of what had happened recently. It didn't seem like it, but you could never be quite sure with him.
"Jenare, I hear you are a merchant like Endahren?" Nightingale was walking beside him, and Endahren trailing a bit behind. Jenare looked at Nightingale.
"Ah, yes, my family is. Although it is my brother who will inherit the store."
"What are you planning to do then, in several more years?"
Jenare thought. There were…complications. "Help out my brother, I suppose. Or become a soldier. I'm not certain yet which way life will take me." He looked away. Neither of those was exactly what he wanted to do in the end, but his opinion didn't really matter now.
"Really? Hmm." Nightingale fell silent for a while. "I suppose it's nice to have choices. I've always known I'd become a bard, all my life."
"Did that never get tiring?" The question slipped out before Jenare had time to think it through, and he regretted it immediately. He didn't really know this person after all.
Nightingale looked thoughtful. "Not really. When it comes down to it, I really enjoy it. There are good and bad sides to everything, after all. I think the good sides in this outweigh the bad."
Jenare agreed silently. There were good and bad sides to everything. He wondered if the bad sides in his choices outweighed the good.
"You look down." Nightingale suddenly took his hands, looking serious. "I didn't mean to bring out bad memories. I'm sorry."
Jenare looked at the shorter boy. It was confusing, but he supposed holding hands like that might be normal where Nightingale came from, so he decided to ignore it. "Not particularly bad memories, no need to apologize. It just made me think." Nightingale smiled at him again.
"Ehem." It was Endahren. He grabbed both Jenare and Nightingale's wrists, separating them, and continued walking forward. The two of them had no choice but to follow. "So where will we be heading next, what do you think?"
Nightingale chuckled for some reason. Jenare was starting to get the idea that something was going on he didn't understand. "Someplace interesting, can you think of anything?" Jenare wasn't quite certain in the relative darkness, but he thought he could see Endahren blush at Nightingale's comment. Now what was this about? He decided he must be seeing things.
"We could…I don't know, see the Parade Ground illuminated by street lamps? I've walked past the area several times during night before, it can look quite interesting I suppose." While answering the question, Endahren let go of Jenare's hand and slowed his pace.
"Endahren, did you not think of anything before this? What kind of behavior is that, towards a friend?" Jenare thought that the comment must have slipped out because he had been drinking. He blushed. That had been direct. The next moment, however, he forgot about his embarrasment, it was replaced by a shock. Nightingale smiled brightly and hugged him around the waist.
"He's such a good boy! Worrying so much for me and all." Jenare could only stand and blink as Nightingale placed a kiss on his cheek. Endahren whimpered and covered his face with his hands.
"Alright, alright! I'm the bad guy here, now let him go!" He pulled Nightingale away from Jenare.
"Ah..?" It was getting more confusing by the second for Jenare. Was Endahren really that impatient with other customs? "I didn't really mind." Endahren looked at him for a moment, then turned away from Nightingale and started walking again.
"Parade Grounds it is. Come along, you two." His voice sounded somehow weird. Jenare wondered if he wasn't getting sick. He followed Endahren, side by side with Nightingale, who kept smiling widely.
Jenare didn't notice until the next morning that his sadness was gone.

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