The Little Elvaan Doll

Vana'diel date: 881/3/3
Place: Port San d'Oria, in front of Rusty Anchor
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:32

The Doll Festival was almost over. It wasn't celebrated too much in San d'Oria, due to its Windurstian flare. Nevertheless, you could always see signs of it around the city during the festival, although not as many signs as for some other festivals. Jenare leaned on a railing close to the docks and look out to the sea, humming. It was set out to be a fun evening, for he was waiting for Vera Nedaurant, a friend of his. He wondered if he was supposed to be calling him a girlfriend, that was what some of the other boys called girls they were regularly going out with. He smiled, feeling a bit guilty. This wasn't exactly behavior for a proper elvaan youth, the two of them were certainly old enough that they probably should not be keeping in contact for too long without him introducing himself to her parents. But he did not have too much experience with a situation like this, so continued with Vera's suggestions. They hadn't known each other for too long, for one. Perhaps in several more weeks.
He turned his head distractedly, looking around. Then he paused. Was that not her, at the square to the right? He looked on, raising one's voice in a busy place like this wouldn't be too useful, not to mention that it wasn't too polite to shout. The blonde girl was dressed up in a pretty child-like dress, fresh green in color. She seemed to be with an older man dressed all in black, laughing with him. Finally she turned enough for Jenare to see her face - it indeed was Vera. He did not recognize the gentleman with her. Perhaps a relative of some kind? They seemed to know each other well.
He watched as the two laughed and talked together. He was most likely dropping her off, sometimes the streets were not safe for a young girl. Especially dressed like that, she was bound to attract attention. Jenare nodded to himself. A wise precaution. But it would not do to interrupt their goodbyes, so he waited, smiling in anticipation of the evening, dividing his attention between the pair on the square and the sea in front of him.
He waited for what seemed like a small eternity, but was more likely only a few minutes. Then the black-coated gentleman left, and Vera headed towards Jenare, where he was waiting at their promised place. He straightened and walked ahead to meet her.
"Jenare! Good afternoon! Did you have to wait for long?"
"Not at all, I have just arrived myself." She did not have to worry herself over making him wait, there was no point in that. He smiled down at her, and she smiled back. Jenare thought she looked rather good in her childish little dress, even though it might not be exactly suitable to wear out about with people. She most likely hadn't realized it, so he would just have to look after her then.
"Shall we go then?" Vera smiled at him brightly in response and took his hand.

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