The Wonders of a Foreign City

Vana'diel date: 881/7/26
Place: Bastok Markets, Firewater Circle
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:34

Jenare looked around carefully. It was his first time ever in this city, and he didn't have much free time. Tomorrow already, he and his father would start heading back home to San d'Oria. He didn't really know what to do now. His knowledge of the city wasn't too great, so after leaving his father at the Metalworks administrative area, he had wandered here, looking for something interesting. Anything interesting. He doubted he would have the opportunity to come again, so this might turn out to be his only chance ever to see this city the hume and galka had built on the hilly area of Gustaberg.
He looked up to the sky. It looked so different in here. The blue was the same, but the surroundings made it a much harsher sight than in San d'Oria. It was the first time he had ever been so far from home. The world was full of wondrous sights, he thought. They had come on chocobo-back, it being the fastest and cheapest method to reach Bastok. The journey had been hard, he supposed, but the things he had seen on the way had made it worth it.
The water of the fountain - the Firewater Circle - glistened in the sun. It was a hot summer day. Jenare wandered down a stairway that led to a busy street further down. Shopping around might not be the best way to spend his time here, but at least it was doing something. He could see endless rows of stores of all kinds crammed into the street. At least father might thank him if he did this. It never hurt to be aware of what kinds of wares other shops sold. That applied for San d'Oria, so he thought it might apply to Bastok too, even if it was situated half the continent away.
As he slowly made his way down the street, he eventually came to one that caught his eye. Situated right next to a goldsmithing guild house, it advertised for Bastok-made jewellery. Jenare hesitated for a moment in front of the shop. It wasn't like he had any money to buy anything that expensive, nor the expertise to see how well made the jewellery actually was. When he noticed a shop guard looking at him suspiciously, he shaked his head and moved on. In a way, Bastok was similar to San d'Oria. Here, too, people were suspicious of others that did not look exactly like them. Here, too, was there hate. It wasn't as obvious as in San d'Oria, but it made him sad. He gave up on the street and started heading back to Metalworks. It was nearly time for him to be back, in any case. Not a big loss.

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