This page presents several Japanese Final Fantasy guidebooks, including the famous Ultimania series and Square Enix's official guidebook series Official Complete Guides.
This section is provided for the benefit of those contemplating buying the books. Waff does not and will not host the complete content of the books.

The Ultimania series is often cited as the ultimate Final Fantasy series resource. They are published by Square Enix and Studio BentStuff, and often include information that isn't revealed in the games themselves, but was instead cut due to time constraints or coherency, or was never intended as more than back story.
Some installments of the series have as many as three Ultimanias - Scenario and Battle that come out close to the release date of the game, and the Omega that comes out as much as a year afterwards. They all include slightly different information, so your knowledge isn't really complete without all of them.

Another Japanese guide series published by Square Enix is the Complete Guide series. While these don't enjoy quite the fame the Ultimanias do (and do not include the extra bits of information about the game and its world and characters that Ultimanias do), they are still quite good as traditional guidebooks.


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