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Play Arts is a series of posable figures by Square Enix. While not all Play Arts figures are from the Final Fantasy series, this page will concentrate solely on the FF figures. Do note that due to the relative recency of the series not all games in the series have them, and most certainly not a complete series of figures.
Almost all packages of the Play Arts series include one figure, a weapon or two and one or two alternate hands for ease of posing. In addition, they may include a stand for the figure (most do). Do note that several of the characters not combat-oriented do not come with weapons.

Play Arts can be divided into two subcategories, the original Play Arts figures, and the more recent evolved series Play Arts Kai, which tend to be slightly more detailed and taller than the original series. The main series includes only characters, but there has also been a mini-series Play Arts Arms, which provides extra weapons and shields to already existing characters.

Play Arts

Final Fantasy VII

Volume 1
Cloud Strife
Tifa Lockhart
Aerith Gainsborough
Cloud Strife & Hardy Daytona
Comes with Cloud, Buster Sword,
Hardy Daytona and a stand for Cloud.
3 right and 2 left hand models.
Volume 2
Comes with Sephiroth, Masamune
and a stand for Sephiroth.
2 right and 2 left hand models.
Vincent Valentine playarts_7_vincent.jpg
Yuffie Kisaragi
Comes with Yuffie, 4-point Shuriken,
and a stand for Yuffie.
3 right and 3 left hand models.
Red XIII & Cait Sith playarts_7_redcaitsith.jpg

Advent Children

Volume 1
Cloud Strife
Tifa Lockhart playarts_7_ac_tifa.jpg
Vincent Valentine
Cloud Strife & Fenrir playarts_7_ac_cloudfenrir.jpg
Volume 2
Yuffie Kisaragi

Crisis Core

Zack Fair playarts_7_cc_zack.jpg
Cloud Strife playarts_7_cc_cloud.jpg
Aerith Gainsborough playarts_7_cc_aerith.jpg

Final Fantasy VIII

Squall Leonhart playarts_8_squall.jpg
Rinoa Heartilly
Selphie Tilmitt

Final Fantasy IX

Zidane Tribal playarts_9_zidane.jpg
Garnet Til Alexandros XVII playarts_9_garnet.jpg
Vivi Ornitier playarts_9_vivi.jpg

Final Fantasy X

Tidus playarts_10_tidus.jpg

Final Fantasy X-2


Final Fantasy XII

Vaan playarts_12_vaan.jpg
Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca
Comes with Ashe, the Treaty Blade
and a stand for Ashe.
2 right and 2 left hand models.
Balthier Bunansa

Play-Arts -kai-

Final Fantasy XIII

Volume 1
Lightning playarts_13_lightning.jpg
Snow Villiers
Comes with Snow and in some
versions a stand for Snow.
1 right and 2 left hand models.
Oerba Dia Vanille playarts_13_vanille.jpg
Volume 2
Sazh Katzroy playarts_13_sazh.jpg
Hope Estheim playarts_13_hope.jpg
Oerba Yun Fang
Comes with Fang, Bladed Lance and
in some versions a stand for Fang.
2 right and 1 left hand model.
Volume 3
Serah Farron
Comes with Serah.
2 right and 2 left hand models.
Odin playarts_13_odin.jpg
Shiva playarts_13_shiva.jpg

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Lightning playarts_13-2_lightning.jpg
Serah Farron playarts_13-2_serah.jpg


Cloud Strife

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Squall Leonhart

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Play Arts Arms

Final Fantasy VII
Hard Edge (Cloud)
Dragon Claw (Tifa)
Fairy Tale (Aerith)
Death Penalty (Vincent)
Conformer (Yuffie)
Final Fantasy VII Play Arts arms
Final Fantasy VIII & X
Lionheart (Squall)
Strange Vision (Selphie)
Caladbolg (Tidus)
Nirvana (Yuna)
Masamune (Auron)
Final Fantasy VIII & X Play Arts arms
Final Fantasy XII
Golden Axe
Crystal Shield
Demon Shield
Final Fantasy XII Play Arts arms

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