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We received numerous messages from adventurers offering their blessings for our publication's new beginning. Here, we have selected a few to share with you.

Perhaps it was just a momentary flash of brilliance. The lions awoke from their long sleep and thundered across the land. Their red banners began to spread across the dunes once again… Those were the days in which they were able to change history, but have they now entered into slumber again, never to awake…? No, it is too early to tell. Just as the Tribune has seen a new day, so may history as well.

Lugia / Phoenix
Founder of "The Red Lion Knights," a mercenary band of knights out of San d'Oria.

On behalf of all adventurers, thank you for all your past articles, columns, and stories about our fair world of Vana'diel, and congratulations on the launch of the Vana'diel Tribune II. Allow me to conclude by wishing peace and prosperity to all citizens of Vana'diel, and a bountiful catch to all fishermen out there!

Wang / Gilgamesh
Adventurer and avid fisherman who lives to share his vast knowledge and passion for fishing with fellow adventurers.

My name is Kanox, and I am a former correspondent for the Vana'diel Tribune. I would like to offer my congratulations on the launch of the Vana'diel Tribune II.

I still read every issue of the Tribune that comes out. At times, some party members will still ask me, "Aren't you a correspondent?" which just tells me how many dedicated readers the Tribune has acquired over the years.

After I resigned, an active correspondent contacted me and asked for advice, which I found most flattering.

Though I am very fond of the Tribune in its old form, I am greatly looking forward to what lies ahead.

Kanox / Caitsith
The first-ever correspondent for the Vana'diel Tribune.

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