No 6 The Return of the Mannequins

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Mannequins are back and bigger than ever! Adventurers have been snapping up these items like hotcakes, showing off their newest armor and clothes on the dazzling dolls.

Residents of Vana'diel could once catch a glimpse of the fabulous figures at tailors' shops and the Weavers' or Tanners' Guilds. However, an old wives' tale began to spread claiming that the dolls were cursed, and mannequins eventually disappeared completely from the shops of Vana'diel. Truly a sad tale.

But take a look at this! Yours truly has managed to snag an original issue of the Ye Olde Mannequin Catalogue from the Carpenters' Guild! That's right - you can now take a gander at an original catalog and see how the mannequins were originally used, created, and distributed across the entirety of Vana'diel! Let's take a look, shall we?

Retail outlets don't have a monopoly on mannequins; you yourself can use these fabulous figures to revamp your room or posh up your parties!

vt2_mann_hume.jpg Shipshape Shayna

Striking a graceful pose and clothed in crisp white, Shipshape Shayna is a picture-perfect addition to anyone's collection.
She will bring light to your rainy days and disperse the winds of your heart. Shipshape Shayna is truly tip-top!
vt2_mann_elvaan.jpg Distinguished Darren

Outfitted in dashing vertical stripes and conservative colors, Distinguished Darren could be the poster boy for refinement. Can't you just imagine him escorting you to a royal ball? You would be the talk of the town!
vt2_mann_taru.jpg Rascally Rug Rats

A boisterous boy with plenty of pockets and a gleeful girl with cute kiddy clothes, the Rascally Rug Rats are truly two of a kind.
How could you resist their adorable faces…?
vt2_mann_mithra.jpg Cheerful Chandra

A charming cheerleader in red and black, Cheerful Chandra will pump you up! Even a hairball can't get this cat down. She'll cheerrr and hurrrrah until you're feeling superrr!
vt2_mann_galka.jpg Faithful Filbert

Faithful Filbert is filled with features - a body like a rock, armor like a fortress, and a nihilistic glare to die for! He will guard over you through it all. No matter how big of a wimp you really are, Faithful Filbert will give you the strength to live on!

So what do you think? It's obvious! Sumptuous and practical, mannequins can't be matched! The only curse to plague Vana'diel these past few years has been the absence of such delightful dolls!

Can't wait to get your eager little hands on one today? Unfortunately, the art of mannequin making has long been lost, and their parts have been subsequently stolen by barbaric beastmen!

Only by risking great danger may the world once again be blessed by the beauty of the mannequins. Such a dilemma is sure to intrigue the hearts of adventurers across Vana'diel. Could it be that we are on the verge of a mannequin renaissance?

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